Why a Cordless Screwdriver

The cordless screwdriver is designed to drive a screw through certain materials. Probably the best way to illustrate its function is to state a situation where it is needed. You may want to drive in a screw through a wooden plank. First, you have to drill a screw hole to accommodate the screw. You then will have to insert the screw through the hole with the use of a screwdriver. Below is a discussion about a particular type of screwdriver called the cordless screwdriver.
A cordless screwdriver is battery operated. There are manual screwdrivers, and there are screwdrivers that are powered by electricity. A cordless screwdriver, in contrast, runs with the use of a battery. This gadget is equipped with drill bits, such as flat blades, and the Philips head and socket.

In assessing the performance of the cordless screwdriver, you will have to pay more attention to the torque rather than the speed of the turn. The torque is definitely important. The torque affects the capacity of the screw to penetrate the material through which it is being driven. For a screw to have a firm anchor, it should pass multiple layers of material, as in, for instance, wood.

You will need to have a cordless screwdriver with a definitive twisting strength, and a battery that has been maximally charged. A cordless screwdriver can also be used manually. What you can do is to initially drive the screw manually, then use battery power when you feel that you will need more torque. One of the best features of the cordless screwdriver is its ability to turn in reverse. When you need to remove a worn-out screw, the cordless screw can also do this for you. All you have to do is position the tip onto the screw-head, turn in the reverse direction while putting some torque, and the screw will simply come out of the hole.

With a cordless screwdriver, problems associated with manual use such as recurrence of motion can be avoided. Whenever you use a manual screwdriver, there is always the tendency to turn the screw in various directions. This decreases the quality of the screw purchase, not to mention that this practice is hard on the shoulders. Using a cordless screwdriver will help you do away with shoulder pain that is otherwise associated with the use of a manual screwdriver.
The cordless screwdriver is useful in many ways and in many settings. All you have to do is learn how to maximize its use.

When you are confronted with the grueling task of having to tighten up multiple screws, like forty or fifty screws, onto various surface areas and through different surface materials, a cordless screwdriver will spare your arms and hands from a potentially tiresome predicament. The cordless screwdriver with help you accomplish your task faster, without having to exert too much effort. Thus, this type of screwdriver saves you a precious amount of time and energy. Aside from this, it is kind of fun to use this cool gadget.

Whether you are a hobbyist indulging in woodwork, or a craftsman, or simply into cool gadgets, you will definitely love having a cordless screwdriver in your toolbox. What used to be work that takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish can now be done in just a good number of minutes. Some of the more popular brands of screwdrivers are Black and Decker and Makita and Craftsman.

Cordless Screwdrivers Buying Guide

When buying a best power screwdriver, check the amount of power the model that you are eyeing is capable of producing. The power output will matter much in the quality of performance of the cordless screwdriver with regular use. A cordless screwdriver with low power is obviously limited in its capacity to perform heavy tasks.

Do inspect the number of batteries included in your set, and if it comes with a charger. It is a lot more convenient to have a good number of batteries and chargers because this means that there will be a steady continuous supply of energy. When there is no backup battery and charger, you may be compelled to stop your work for a while to recharge, thus disrupting your momentum and wasting time. Having multiple batteries and chargers will spare you from this hassle.

Another useful feature of the cordless screwdriver is that it is equipped with a system that allows the user to quickly change the drill bits. This changing system does away with the fumbling and missing components, thus helping you save on time. Your cordless screwdriver that has this very important feature, otherwise, look for another model that has it, instead.

You also must inspect the screwdriver component of the unit that you intend to buy. There are just a variety of models available in the market and because of this, you should compare one product from the other thoroughly. It is only through this obsessive comparison that you can hold of a cordless screwdriver that can assist you best in your house work.

Always check if your unit has more than one battery. When your battery loses power it would be as simple as replacing it with another fully charged battery while you recharge your recently used battery for future use. This makes your work easier and faster, and this feature makes the cordless unit a lot more dependable.

With thorough attention and a goal to get hold of the best cordless screwdriver for your purpose, you will find that particular unit that will help your own handyman go along your household task quickly and efficiently. A cordless screwdriver will help him accomplish tasks in a short time, giving him more time to relax and do other personal activities.